About us

kurūzu (クルーズ): cruise

a term so simple, yet meaningful to our brand and vision as to how long drives can lead to positive vibes.


Kurūzu is founded in Los Angeles by a pair of car enthusiasts who want to change the view of passionate driving. Our love for Japanese car culture and self care has inspired us to get involved with the car scene by introducing a new wave of products that will spice up your interior as well as your mood.


Do you ever find yourself driving with or without a destination in order to clear your mind of all negative energy? At kurūzu, we came to the realization that cars are more than just a hobby and lifestyle. It is also our escape mechanism that takes us to a better place both physically and mentally. Whether you are cruising with friends, climbing the mountains, chasing the sun, coasting the highway, or drifting into walls, we stand by the idea that cars have the capability of bringing us into a better state of mind. No matter where you cruise, we at kurūzu want to be a part of that journey to happiness.